The growing need for simple and cost effective IT solutions has also penetrated into the healthcare industry, to the extent that enterprises all over the world are now focusing on building integrated IT solutions to deliver real value to physicians and patients, alike.

This dependence of the healthcare industry on IT systems has only grown over time. To facilitate delivery of better and pre-planned care services, many factors come into play, such as the industry’s regulatory compliance, maintenance of physician practices, and improvement of IT infrastructure and optimization of operational processes. Eventually, complete patient satisfaction acts as the prime objective for healthcare enterprises across the world.

Our extensive understanding of the healthcare industry has also led us to conclude that healthcare companies are not just looking for workable care systems. These enterprises are expecting IT companies to offer them with efficient, robust, cost effective and all-around healthcare products and services.  our experts have identified and worked extensively upon these industry needs, to deliver the best in class services for maximum business benefits.

Business Benefits of Associating with us:

our experience and expertise in healthcare application solutions and systems have proven to be successful in improving both healthcare providers’ and payers’ overall efficiency, as well as revenue output.

Some of the benefits for healthcare providers of associating with us include:

Billing Management – Claim submission and review, secondary claim submission.

Payment Management – Lockbox processing, unapplied payment posting.

Denial Analysis and AR Strategy – Submission of corrected claims and appeal, handling unaccounted claims, high risk accounts.

Statement processing – Automated Patient Statement Processing, Notification and Alerts on delinquent accounts.

Collection Integration – Hassle free patient collections process.

Account Management – Dedicated Account Manager assigned to your practice, Automated “MBO” ticketing system.

Business Intelligence – Action oriented dashboards and Reports, Insightful analysis to help decision making, benchmarking on MGMA Standards and KPIs.

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